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We are experts in developing high quality lubricants to keep vehicles, equipment and machinery running. Gulf Oil offers five different types of lubricants: Fleet and Commercial; Industrial; Agricultural; Automotive and Marine. Each of our products lead the market in terms of performance, technology and compliance with the latest regulations.

l automotive

Gulf has developed a wide range of lubricants for cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and small boats. Blended with our advanced additive technologies, every product is designed to enhance performance, reliability and longevity.

We have recently redeveloped the Gulf Formula family of high-performance, synthetic oils to meet the latest specifications. The range comes with approvals from a number of key OEMs, including Mercedes Benz.

l automotive

Thanks to our recent enhancements of our product portfolio, we can offer an oil for virtually every truck, bus or other heavy-duty vehicle on the road today. Many of our oils have been approved by leading engine manufacturers, including Mercedes Benz, MAN, MTU, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Mack.

We offer an extensive range of oils and lubricants for the commercial sector. The range stretches across fuel-efficient engine oils, synthetic oils, and multi and mono-grade lubricants. Whatever your needs, we have the fluids to deliver:

  • A range of performance levels available, from modern fleet usage to specialist vehicles in rugged and remove conditions
  • A high-performance range of transmission fluids
  • Zinc-free lubricants for modern, high-speed diesel engines used in railway networks.

l automotive

Gulf has oils suitable for most types of indsutrial machinery; not only a large range of hydraulic oils of different types, but also for geared transmissions: spur, bevel, hypoid, worm and open gears too.

For compressors you need look no further than the Gulf Fidelity compressor oils and Gulf Crest products. The latter is fundamentally an oil for steam turbine bearings but finds wide use in other machinery where a highly refined mineral oil based lubricant is required.

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The agricultural sector has a wide range of applications where the right lubricant is essential. We have the technology and the products to deliver:

  • Multi-functional lubricants for use in engine and hydraulic brake systems
  • Bio-degradable fluids for agricultural and forestry machinery which protect the environment in case of spillage
  • Gulf Argenfrut – a range of oil-based insect pest control products that leave no toxic residue.

l automotive

Since 2008 we have been providing the shipping industry with high quality marine lubricants, along with a wide range of complementary technical services. Thanks to our ever-expanding network, we can now deliver our products to over 1000 ports across 100 countries.

We work closely with customers to provide supplies and services efficiently and cost-effectively. By delivering wherever and whenever marine lubrication services are needed, and supplying in-full and on-time, we have become one of the world’s leading marine lubricant suppliers, trusted by customers across the globe.